Monday, December 11, 2023


We are about to embark on a new season of a joint book study with Night Shift, and would love to invite you and your small groups to join.

We’ve felt a greater conviction to incorporate more expository preaching (passage by passage through a book) in our diet. Expositional preaching has many benefits, but among them is that methodically going through a book brings up topics that normally wouldn’t have been studied. Instead of us setting the agenda of what to study, the Holy Spirit sets the agenda.

In the coming months, we will study the book of Hebrews together. The reason we are choosing this book is because there are certain themes that many young adults and older adults wrestle with:

– Can you lose your salvation?
– How can you keep from drifting in faith?
– How do you grow in faith and love?


How does it work?

We have formulated a study plan for you and your group to follow.

We will also upload breakdowns of chapters every week, which will guide you in preparing the Bible study for your group


Book of Hebrews Study Guides

Background – Download here

Week 1 – Download here (1 to 2:4)
– Sermon here

Week 2 – Download here (2:5 to 2:18)

Week 3 – Download here (3:1 to 3:19)

Week 4 – Download here (4 to 5:10)

Week 5 – Download here (5:11 to 6:20)
– Sermon here

Week 6 – Download here (7 to 8:6)

Week 7 – Download here (8:7 to 9:28)

Week 8 – Download here (10)

Week 9 – Download here (11 to 12:3)
– Sermon here

Week 10 – Download here (12)

Week 11 – Download here (13)


Hope you’ll enjoy the study!


For our previous study guides on the Book of Daniel, click here.

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