Monday, December 11, 2023

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White Christmas

15 Dec (Fri), 7:30pm
2/F Worship Hall
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Come join our very first White Christmas: A Dinner Theatre Experience! Be ready to immerse yourself in the festivity of a white Christmas over a classic Christmas movie with a festive meal with other Shifters and Prime Timers!

Countdown to 2024!

31 Dec (Sun), 10:30pm
1/F Worship Hall

What better way to close off 2023 and celebrate the start of 2024 than to worship together! Join our countdown praise party as we worship till midnight and welcome 2024!

Uni Fellowship

Every Sun, 1pm
10/F Worship Hall

The Table: Calling all university students! Join us every Sunday on 10/F where we share stories over meals, find inspiration, and connect with one another!

Book Club: If you’re eager to deepen your understanding of God, join our small group on Wednesdays – click here.

Upper Room

Every Sun, 5pm
2/F Living Room
Details here

We desire to build a restful and worshipful space for people to experience God. Come join our weekly prayer. 

Get Connected

Spiritual growth happens the best in communities. Sign-up here to join a Care Group and experience fellowship!

Want to be part of the Shift community? Find us here and we will reach out to you! 

SHIFT GEAR: Recent Posts

A Simple Response

I joined the 13-day “Israel & Jordan Study Trip” in late May 2023. Prior to the trip, we were asked to write out our goal for the trip and this was my prayer: to be empowered and recharged by God....

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