Sunday, June 16, 2024

Study: Book of Daniel

The book of Daniel chronicles the life of a young adult coming of age in a hostile environment. Even when opposition faced him, he was resolute in holding onto his convictions ~ such a pertinent example for us to follow in our culture.

But besides having some great stories that we’ve all come to learn and love (Lion’s den, burning furnace, Daniel fast), the second half of the book focuses almost entirely on apocalyptic prophecy. And therein lies the message that you would only catch by studying the entire book: understanding how it all ends, helps us remain steadfast in the midst of uncertainty.


Background: Download here

Daniel Ch.1: Faithfulness to God requires nonconformity to culture – Download here

Daniel Ch.2: God is above and more powerful than mankind – Download here

Daniel Ch.3: Faithfulness requires believing that God is with us when we make difficult decisions – Download here

Daniel Ch.4: God is still reaching those who don’t fully acknowledge Him – Download here

Daniel Ch.5: [Night Shift] Don’t miss the sign – Watch here

Daniel Ch.6: Real devotion stretches us out of our comfort zone – Download here

Daniel Ch.7: God’s kingdom is for us and we are for God’s kingdom – Download here

Daniel Ch.8: God’s people should be watchful of human evil – Download here

Daniel Ch.9: [Night Shift] Why isn’t it getting any better? – Listen here 

Daniel Ch.10: Our prayers and acts of faith matter in situations where we feel powerless and discouraged – Download here

Daniel Ch.11: Be wise when battle rages around us – Download here

Daniel Ch. 12: [Night Shift] Go Your Way – Watch here

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